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Trading Binary Options in Australia

Trading binary options is a trend that has been on the rise for some time. Binary options are also known as “all-or-nothing” and “digital” options. They either provide the investor with a fixed payout if the option’s criteria are met, or they pay nothing at all; hence the name binary – there are only two outcomes necessary. This kind of trade is defined in terms of an expiry date, asset, and the payout threshold. When dealing with binary options they can be sold for a premium upfront payment and also both puts and calls. To learn more you should check out brokers like OptionFair or OptionBit. It’s a good idea to begin by creating an account to learn more about this market. The following information will provide you more insight on the basics of binaries. Continue reading

Binary Touch Options

Although they are classified as exotic options, Binary Touch Options, or BTOs are considered powerful, yet simple investment products; especially for the price. Such options can provide a good deal of leverage and full understanding about potential loss and profit; thus making them great even for beginners. Yet still, it’s important to learn about trading these options before you decide it’s the right move for you. The following will provide you with the basic mechanics of this type of trading, which will help before you check out OptionBit or Banc de Binary to connect with brokers or to learn price news from the industry. Continue reading

All About 60 Second Options

60 second trading is a great strategy for any trader looking to make money from market trends that are short term. It’s very similar to Digital trading, but as the name implies all options close after only 60 seconds. This type of trading is based on determining whether or not an option will be lower or higher than quote price at time of expiry. It’s as simple as selecting “Below” or “Above” in regards to the quote price and the close of the options. Before you are able to trade these options you must sign up with a broker such as Banc de Swiss, Banc de Binary, or OptionBit. The following information will compare the pros and cons of 60 second binary options trading. Continue reading