Binary Option Bonuses

One special offer that is common among binary option brokers are trading bonuses. The bonuses are great incentives as they allow customers to make more options trades and minimize the risk that they’ll lose their first investment. Yet moreover bonuses also allow traders to familiarize themselves with the platform, systems, and data charts to help them learn even more about binary options. Before going any further it’s a good idea to visit an options brokerage site like BDSwiss or Optionfair to create a new free account and receive your first bonus; if you haven’t already done so. Here is a look at some bonuses you may find offered:

Sign-Up Bonuses

Many times brokers simply like to help novice traders get going with their “careers”. What they will do is offer incentives called “sign up bonuses” to first-time customers. Such bonuses will provide extra support during the first trade, which helps to minimize the risk of losing the initial investment. Not only does this help the user get familiarized with the platform, but it also gives them a bit of experience using options in the financial markets.

Rebate Bonuses

Rebate bonuses are earned after you’ve made more than one deposit. The percentage that’s earned back will vary by broker, but most like to issue the rebates at the end of the month. For those who frequently deal in binary options and regularly invest will see this as a nice reward. Thus, this is a great offer to watch for!

Refer a Friend

One of the most effective forms of marketing is through word-of-mouth. For this reason brokers often offer clients bonuses if they can influence others to sign up for the service. This is most often tracked by you providing a special link to family and friends, which will let the broker know where the referral came from. This is not a special that’s offered by every broker, so watch for it as it’s a great way to earn extra money for trades. The only thing that you may want to consider is who you refer; try to only draw in those who are financially stable enough to make trades.
In summary, these are just a few of the possible bonuses offered by binary options brokers. If you look for bonuses before choosing a site you’ll be happy you did, as the better the bonuses – the more capital you have to place on options!

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